Wounds on Wednesdays - Case 4 Two-Year-Old Boy with a Burn Injury


Two-Year-Old-Boy with a Burn Injury




A 2-year-old boy was referred to or office after he suffered a second degree burn to his upper chest. Hot coffee was accidentally spilled on his chest causing the burn. The boy was initially taken to the Emergency Department where the mother was provided a traditional burn ointment and she was instructed to reapply to the ointment 3x/day and cover the wound with gauze and tape. Despite her best efforts she was unable to perform the required dressing changes due to the pain associated with the dressing changes and difficulties performing the dressing changes alone without help.

The patient was brought to our office where pain and anxiety were the first problems addressed. Advanced wound dressings were applied that could be left in place for days and were not painful on the burn wound. At the request of the mother all dressing changes were performed by Dr. Amaya and his staff allowing the mother to provide support and comfort. The wounds rapidly healed and no complications were encountered. The mother was grateful to find a burn and wound specialist who was skilled at treating burns in children.

At Amaya Wound Healing & Aesthetics, we use advanced wound dressings that are both safe and effective in children and easy to apply and remove. We recognize that some burns are too painful and complex for parents to treat at home. Dr. Amaya and his staff are fully committed to supporting you and your family through these difficult procedures and are available to help with every step of the healing process. Call our office for more information 713-464-9776.

Dr. Rene Amaya

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