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When the remnants of childhood acne last well into adulthood, there are nonsurgical options available to address the unsightly scars and improve the appearance of your skin. At Amaya Wound Healing & Aesthetics in Houston, Rene Amaya, MD, FAAP, CWSP, understands how acne scars can affect your satisfaction with your appearance. Dr. Amaya offers in-office treatments, including laser therapy, to address acne scarring and to boost the overall health of your skin. Find out how lasers and other treatments can minimize the appearance of your acne scars by calling the office today or by booking a consultation online now.

Acne Scarring Q & A

What causes acne scars?

Acne scars are a common side effect of both childhood and adult acne. Acne develops when your pores become clogged with dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. 

When pores become inflamed, they can break and allow infected substances to flow out onto surrounding tissue. This creates deep lesions in your skin.

To heal these lesions, your body produces extra collagen. While collagen helps your skin heal, your body can produce too much or too little collagen, resulting in areas of raised or depressed scars.

While acne scars aren’t harmful to your health, they can affect how you feel about the texture and tone of your skin. If acne scars interfere with your self-confidence or satisfaction with your appearance, Dr. Amaya can recommend one or more treatments to reduce their appearance.

What treatments are available for acne scars?

As a skilled laser specialist, Dr. Amaya offers in-office laser resurfacing treatments to remove excess scar tissue and improve the smoothness of your skin. Laser technology allows him to gently eliminate raised areas of skin and minimize the appearance of scars.

If your acne scars are depressed and your skin appears pitted, Dr. Amaya may recommend dermal fillers — an injectable treatment that fills in these depressed areas to give you smoother looking skin.

Dr. Amaya also offers AquaGold Microchanneling, which helps treat scars acquired from acne. It is a reliable treatment if laser resurfacing is not desired. These treatments encourage natural healing by stimulating the production of new, healthy skin cells and collagen.

Am I a good candidate for acne scar treatments?

To determine which acne scar treatment is best for you, Dr. Amaya evaluates the health of your skin and the severity of your acne scars. He creates a treatment plan that focuses on protecting the health of your skin and improving areas affected by scars.

Dr. Amaya can address mild scars on the surface of your skin as well as more severe cases, where scars affect the deeper layers of skin tissue.

While acne scar laser treatments are generally safe, Dr. Amaya first ensures you don’t have any active skin infections and reviews your medical history to determine if laser treatments are right for you.

Learn more about available treatments to minimize the appearance of acne scars by calling Amaya Wound Healing & Aesthetics today or by booking a consultation online now.